Wedding Bands



There have been many traditions associated with marriage at different times and in different cultures, and only a few of them keep their relevance in our time.

Myth and legends surround the tradition of wearing wedding bands, but one thing remains unchanged: for many centuries and no matter how many changes the institution of marriage has undergone in the modern world, wedding rings remain a symbol of endless love and devotion to this day.

Unlike engagement rings, wedding bands appear only at the end of a wedding ceremony when the vows are pronounced. The wedding bands are then exchanged between the couple and slipped on the ring finger of the left hand. No wedding takes place without wedding bands.

Afram’s introduces ​​a new stage in the language of love with a brand-new selection of wedding bands Our exclusive pieces were designed and developed taking into account all the wishes and needs of customers as a continuation of our work and reinterpretations.

It has never been so easy to choose and purchase wedding bands in Corpus Christi. Afram’s Jewelers have taken care of every detail and thought through every step so that you can find the shape that mirrors the two of you with us.

We know wedding rings are the most important jewelry for a couple, it formalizes your marriage and eternal love. For men, generally, this is a classic band wedding ring. For women, the wedding ring is more tailored to diamonds and details, as you can see from our selection of wedding bands.

How rare is it to find wedding bands that will surprise you not only with its amazing looks but also at an affordable price! Wedding bands from Afram’s are the best choice for those who have decided to celebrate themselves with their loved ones with exquisite jewelry made of precious metals.

Every couple who comes to our showroom to buy wedding bands makes us celebrate. We love to watch you laugh and joke, forgetting on which hand the wedding ring is worn, argue for a long time about its shape or color of stones and metal, or, on the contrary, silently accept the choice of your partner.

We offer a huge selection of wedding bands made of white, rose, and yellow gold. When choosing a material for rings, we advise you to start from aesthetic preferences and the wear resistance of the material itself, since you will wear wedding rings all the time.

Here we offer many styles we hope will help you make your choice, from thin, stackable bands to straight engagement rings, we offer curved forms or interlaced metals and bezel wedding bands.

Some of our most beautiful suggestions include the v-shaped or twisted bands. If you are looking for a sleek line of pure metal, nothing else added, you will find all three golds with us.

If diamond settings along the band are the most charming for you, we have hundreds of options. For sets, explore wedding bands that will perfectly fit against the shape of an engagement ring or featuring sapphires and thicker bands.

For us, happiness is to be able to participate in such a special moment in the life of customers, who we know are choosing bands for life. Find the charming wedding band you’ve been yearning for at Afram’s in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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