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Jewelry Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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When it comes to selecting an extraordinary Father’s Day gift , Afram’s Jewelers has got you covered. Why run the risk of giving Dad another boring tie when you can buy him a timepiece that he’ll enjoy forever? These three wristwatches will remind you that the jewelry store can be your best friend when you’re seeking the perfect Father’s Day present.

The Grand Seiko Special Hi-Beat 36000 is for the father who’s not afraid to add some flair to his daily routine. Boasting gold and black leather, this exquisite wristwatch was built to command attention. It has a tendency to stand out among all the other watches at the jewelry store, drawing the eye to its exquisite lines and bold presentation. For dads who like to stay on top of current trends, it’s also available in rose gold and definitely a nice Seiko men’s watch.

The Seiko Astron is yet another piece that exhibits extraordinary style. For the sporty father who has everything, this wristwatch is bound to delight. Featuring a nod to military style, the Astron is equipped with solar GPS. Any dad would be thrilled to receive this bold and daring timepiece as a gift.

The Grand Seiko Automatic GMT is ideal for dads who like to add a vintage touch to their routine. Featuring classic accents, this is the ideal wristwatch for any father who craves the classic look of a movie star from the Golden Age of Hollywood. The detailing in this piece is what gives it such panache, allowing a man to leap back in time while also asserting his modern style.

3 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is a chance for your mom to get the recognition that she deserves. She did her part raising her children and taking care of her family, so this is the chance for her to be spoiled. Plants and clothes are nice, but jewelry is a forever gift that can grow with the family. So head to the jewelry store because the three pieces listed below are perfect for a day designed just for mom.


These bracelets are gorgeous, practical, and the designer offers over six-hundred exclusive charms to add each year. These charms create the opportunity to design a bracelet that perfectly describes your mom’s personality. To get the bracelet started, perhaps the beautiful silver butterfly adorned with purple gems is great to symbolize the beautiful spring holiday. If your mother has grandchildren, the silver heart engraved with “nana” is a great gift from the kids or even for your own grandmother.


Rings are not only for engagements and can create a smile on any occasion. Rings by Gabriel & Co. especially make for great mother’s day gifts. Their 14 K white gold diamond halo ring offers two strands of diamonds that wrap around a center stone. This is symbolic of the way that your mom has you wrapped around her finger. The designer has countless other rings as well.


Giving a necklace as a gift is a timeless act, but only a certain jewelry store takes the timeless act to new heights. Afram’s Jewelers has pieces with countless types of stones. Diamonds and birthstones allow for your creativity to run wild while creating a piece for your mother. You and your siblings’ birthstones on a silver or gold chain can make a personalized piece that your mother will love. Saving space for the current or future grandchildren is a must, though!

3 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

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When it comes to receiving jewelry as a gift, many women can be quite particular. It’s all about selecting exactly the right type of accessory and dazzling her with the perfect purchase. Whether you’re stepping into a jewelry store in Corpus Christi TX or buying online, it’s good to at least have a basic idea of what might interest the special lady in your life. One tip is to ask around—even if you don’t want to let her know that you’re getting her some jewelry, you can always ask friends and family what types of baubles they think she’d enjoy. These are three excellent jewelry gift ideas that are sure to set her heart aflutter.


Chamilia offers an array of beautiful bracelets with customizable charms. This gives you the opportunity to personalize your gift, letting her know that you care deeply about her heart’s desires. There are sparkling charms to celebrate many different holidays and other special times, so you’ll definitely find something that suits your special occasion.


Is there anything more elegant than a gorgeous new timepiece? A gorgeous wristwatch will remind your special lady that your affection for her is absolutely timeless. Lighting up her wrist, it will remind her of you every time she sees it. Whether you opt for a classic color or buy her a trendy watch in rose gold, she’s sure to appreciate the fact that you have excellent taste.


Whether your special lady is walking past a jewelry store or checking out gorgeous gems online, she’s sure to take notice of dazzling diamond necklaces and rings. With a fantastic flair for catching the eyes of onlookers, these magnificent pieces are always bound to delight. There’s an endless plethora of choices available, with both classic and edgy designs available for purchase.

Purchasing one of these beautiful items will remind the woman in your life of how much she is loved and appreciated. There’s even a chance that your gift could become an heirloom one day, so choose wisely. You’ll never regret the time that you invested into making your special lady happy.

Understanding on the Anatomy of a Diamond


Everyone goes to their Jewelers in Corpus Christi Texas to buy diamonds and engagement rings. Yet, most shoppers do not know the Anatomy of a Diamonds they are looking to buy. Here are just a few things to help you understanding the anatomy of a Diamond.



A person’s understanding on the anatomy of a diamond is not usually very good. Diamonds – and many of the other precious jewels – have their own anatomy.

This anatomy is made up of seven distinct parts: the diameter, the table, the crown, the girdle, the pavilion, the depth, and the cutlet.

The cutlet is on the point on the bottom of a cut diamond. This is simply a piece that protects the point at the bottom. When the gemstone is going to be put into a setting – for a bracelet, ring, etc. – the cutlet doesn’t need to be there.

The diameter and depth are easy enough to figure out. The diameter is the length and width of the stone at the girdle – which is the widest part of the gem and the narrow band that separates the flat part of the gem from the tip. The depth is how high the gem is from the girdle to the cutlet. Both the diameter and depth help figure out the physical size of the gemstone.

The crown is the part of the gem that is at the top and widens as it meets the girdle, where it stops. The pavilion is directly below the girdle. Angles and proportions in this area of the diamond creates brilliance and tapers to a point. The table of the diamond is the flat part at the top of the diamond.

Each piece of a diamond is taken into account when a gemstone is graded for brilliance and excellence. For example, a particularly thin girdle can expose the diamond to more chipping, while a thicker girdle can put too much weight in the middle of the diamond and cause it to look smaller compared to diamonds of similar weight.

Other measurements used to determine facts about the diamond in question include the diameter (used to calculate table percentage) and the depth (which helps to determine how well the diamond will sparkle in the light). The table is used to determine table percentage – which is a fancy way of saying how big the table is compared to the diameter. For example, a 60% table is a table that is 60% of the diameter.

While gemstones are a girl’s best friend, the anatomy of the gemstones is a scientist’s best friend.

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