Jewelry Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

seiko watch


When it comes to selecting an extraordinary Father’s Day gift, Afram’s Jewelers has got you covered. Why run the risk of giving Dad another boring tie when you can buy him a timepiece that he’ll enjoy forever? These three wristwatches will remind you that the jewelry store can be your best friend when you’re seeking the perfect Father’s Day present.

The Grand Seiko Special Hi-Beat 36000 is for the father who’s not afraid to add some flair to his daily routine. Boasting gold and black leather, this exquisite wristwatch was built to command attention. It has a tendency to stand out among all the other watches at the jewelry store, drawing the eye to its exquisite lines and bold presentation. For dads who like to stay on top of current trends, it’s also available in rose gold and definitely a nice Seiko men’s watch.

The Seiko Astron is yet another piece that exhibits extraordinary style. For the sporty father who has everything, this wristwatch is bound to delight. Featuring a nod to military style, the Astron is equipped with solar GPS. Any dad would be thrilled to receive this bold and daring timepiece as a gift.

The Grand Seiko Automatic GMT is ideal for dads who like to add a vintage touch to their routine. Featuring classic accents, this is the ideal wristwatch for any father who craves the classic look of a movie star from the Golden Age of Hollywood. The detailing in this piece is what gives it such panache, allowing a man to leap back in time while also asserting his modern style.

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