Trustworthy Jewelry Appraisals Near Robstown TX

Jewelry, no matter its age or quality, has a sentimental value. However, fine jewelry also has a more quantifiable value. While the purity of the metal and the clarity of the stone may not change your love for the piece, these things can have an impact on your decisions regarding the piece. To learn the monetary value of your pieces in Robstown TX, you should get jewelry appraisals from Afram’s Jewelers.


Afram’s Jewelers is a family business that has faithfully served customers in Texas for almost 40 years. During this time, we have become a trusted part of the community, offering a wonderful selection of jewelry for every occasion. In addition to our robust showroom, we are also proud to provide reliable jewelry appraisals with our Graduate Gemologist.

With a trained and experienced gemologist onsite, we provide fast and thorough appraisals for you. From diamonds to gemstones, our gemologist will assess the quality of a piece and provide a quantified conclusion for your records. We can successfully help you obtain an appraisal for your rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches and more.

The appraisal process is more than a way to remind you of your jewelry’s worth. In many cases, appraisals can be used for legal proceedings. For example, a good appraisal can help you obtain the proper insurance coverage for the piece. An appraisal may also be useful for estate tax evaluations or divorce settlements. No matter why you want your jewelry appraised, we can get it done onsite, providing you with thorough documentation for your personal records.


We recommend appraisals every five years. This allows you to keep your records fully up to date for all insurance and legal reasons. To learn more about jewelry appraisals in Robstown TX, visit our Graduate Gemologist at Afram’s Jewelers today.

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