Jewelry is par excellence the symbol of affection and love, as well as being the perfect way to seal important memories and moments.

Since 1978, Afram’s Jewelers have been able to provide assistance, inspection, and to repair your jewel, guaranteeing trust and professionalism in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Afram’s Jewelers keep every precious treasure in your collection unchanged, with our maintenance, you get as enthusiastic as the first day your jewel was given to you.

We provide experts and high-end equipment capable not only of making your jewel return to new gorgeousness but of extending its life through specific treatments in our ateliers.

Thanks to the passion for our work and experience gained over the years, our professionalism, attention, and care for detail, we can guarantee excellent repairs, thorough maintenance services, and stress-free appraisals for your prestigious jewels.

Redesigning is also possible with us. Your treasure can become part of a new creation, completely revisiting design and aesthetics. Imagine the creation of new gold frames with a wide range of proposals available!

Restoration of antique jewelry and purchase of your gold, silver, diamonds, and other pieces of jewelry are quality services we offer. We love to provide aids that are incredibly necessary to the climate and the environment.

We make sure your jewels can accompany changing trends and your tastes; our artisans will make the necessary changes so that your pieces change with you.

When you think about an engagement proposal, our handcrafted rings for whimsical and original couples will surprise you.

If the two of you are lovers of customizing, from DIY wedding invitations to articles of clothing that are quirky and original, we are the place for you.

The only possible solution, to shake off the normal and be in alignment with yourself, is to ask our goldsmiths and design team to forge the model of engagement ring that speaks of you.

Diamonds are often the stone that will take center stage for engagement rings. Indeed, our solitaire settings encompass all the brilliance in the world and later reflect their light in the eyes of the woman you love.

The diamond is the great darling of ladies and the first choice of these gentlemen when it comes to selecting the engagement ring. But if you want to see the love in blue, green, or pink, we have a selection of colored stone rings that perfectly matches her left ring finger!

Now you can imagine the most interesting colored engagement rings of the season. They are the intriguing alternatives to diamonds, rings for a proposal that amazes for shapes and nuances.

It’s well known that Afram’s is full of all kinds of treasures and engagement rings are no exception. Several jewelry designers like Gabriel & Co., Chamillia, and Seiko can be found in our showroom.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from: we have an eternal jewel waiting for you. Go back in time with the vintage style rings from Afram’s collections.

Some are estate jewelry, and a chance to give new life to a ring or brooch that certainly witnessed another great love.

Afram’s is your point of reference for the purchase of engagement rings in Corpus Christi, not only thanks to our wide selection of rings for the soon to wed, but also thanks to an attentive and trained staff who will be able to advise you in the best possible way.

Find the most beautiful and pictorial among Afram’s selection.

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