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Enjoy A Beautiful Straight Engagement Ring Selection In Corpus Christi, TX

When it comes to engagement rings, we want something to become a little bit of an obsession, something she won’t be able to stop staring at, and which will always evoke the warmest feelings.


For that, we introduce straight engagement rings featuring straight shanks accented with diamonds and meticulously detailed to emphasize the center stone with radiance and sparkles.


Straight engagement rings are the definition of elegance. The outline of the hand is enhanced, and the design offers the best light to accentuate the modern look of a revisited classic.


When you shop our straight engagement ring selection, you’ll find beautiful rings which allude to your first kiss, the first time you exchanged I love yous, and the first time you held hands.


Precious diamonds connect us to the infinite nature of love, and straight engagement rings show that even more with spectacular brilliance which draws the eye.


The designs you’ll find at Afram’s Jewelers are handpicked with the highest standards in mind, featuring gorgeous alternatives for all tastes. We guarantee a little magic with our curated selection. Shop dazzling engagement rings with us!


Discovering exactly what your partner will love can be daunting, and it can get even more challenging when we look for an engagement ring that later could be enhanced by the addition of a wedding band.


That’s why a straight engagement ring is a wonderful choice. It looks fabulous when worn alone, and later, its straight design will easily be enhanced by the details on a wedding band in a perfect match— just like the two of you!


We know an engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, and that’s why you’ll always find high quality, artistry, and impeccable designs with us.


Diamond accents adorning the shank of straight engagement rings glow beautifully, resulting in even more stunning design options. The center stone of straight rings is usually round, and each of our rings stands out with lovely prongs and meticulously thought out details.


The combination of a round diamond and a straight shank adorned with dainty diamonds is always dazzling. And this style will certainly delight your future bride and help her forever remember how sweet the moment of your proposal was.


If you’re looking for a ring your sweetheart will adore, straight engagement rings are original, exquisite, and the sparkling diamonds covering the band always look elegant.


When choosing a straight engagement ring, you can safely rely on our expertise and selection. We value each customer, respect your wishes, and make sure you feel welcomed in our store and confident in your decision.


Our experts will help you make the right choice when you surprise your partner. Shop engagement rings of great beauty and impressive quality.


If you are in Corpus Christi, TX, visit Afram’s Jewelers for a beautiful straight engagement ring with the precious stone of your choice.

You can learn everything about the most requested designs with us. Find our store at 1701 Airline Rd., Corpus Christi, Texas.

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