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You’ve found someone who charms you in every possible way. Your life is happier and sweeter because of her, and you want to make a statement that she is yours forever.


And there is no better choice than the halo engagement ring. This is a jewelry piece that lasts, that could be passed on, that has a unique story, and that will always be remembered.


Trends change and evolve, but halo engagement rings remain a timeless ring design because of their elegant and sophisticated lines. In addition, the halo style is a very delicate and romantic treasure for any proposal because it creates the illusion of an even bigger ring.


Explore halo engagement rings in all types of diamond cuts such as cushion, princess, round, oval, emerald, or pear. Adapt your choice to the style and taste of your sweetheart. Brilliant-cut diamonds offer the best light to accentuate the modernity of this revised classic.


A halo engagement ring can make this relationship milestone feel even more special. The iconic design incorporates dreamy diamonds, glistening metals, and fine details to make your ring as unique as your relationship.


Each unique halo engagement ring from Afram’s Jewelers’ tells the story of romance and dreams coming true. The receiver of such a ring will feel irresistibly closer to you!


Because you love her very much, you want to make sure that it’s an extraordinary proposal. And a halo engagement ring is a wonderful choice. The diamond surrounded by a row of smaller brilliants contributes to a magnificent visual impact.


Our selection of halo engagement rings features impressive center stone cuts enclosed by sparking diamonds resulting in a spectacular effect. This is certainly an engagement ring which will stay true to your first “I love you”s exchanged together, and the desire to always stay close no matter how far away you are.


This might be your first experience looking for precious jewelry, and that’s okay. Here at Afram’s Jewelers, you’ll have full support to shop with confidence and enjoy the quality and uniqueness of each of our engagement rings.


When you shop with us, you get to enjoy a wonderful opportunity to show how much you love her and win her heart! Make your proposal an experience the two of you will never forget!


Propose with a statement ring that proudly shows a center diamond with extra sparkle. For even more inventive options, we suggest Victorian-inspired halo engagement rings.


To help you express your full love, we have curated a special selection of precious and lasting halo engagement rings. Dive into our sophisticated and exciting reinterpretations of the halo style and surprise your sweetheart forever!


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