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Bypass rings, also known as crossover rings, are composed of a single metal band with two ends that pass each other on top of the ring and don’t meet to form a closed circle. The area where the two ends would otherwise meet is usually filled by a diamond or a gemstone.


This type of ring has existed for centuries, but it became especially popular in the Victorian period, from the 1830s to the 1860s. At that time, noble women would wear extravagant and curvy bypass rings as a way to stand out from others due to their stylish, elegant and unique design.


Since then, bypass rings became increasingly common for their blunt style and the anything-but-ordinary impact they offer. Their design makes whoever wears them stand out from any crowd, as everything else will appear way too basic when compared to them.


The Hollywood actor Michelle Williams is one of the celebrities who have chosen to wear a beautiful bypass ring to compose her stunning outfit at the 2020 SAG Awards. This serves to show how exclusive bypass rings are, regardless if they’re used solely for fashion purposes, or as engagement rings. While there are many kinds of engagement rings, the bypass ones are definitely something else.


Common examples of famous bypass engagement rings were the ones worn by Sandra Bullock and the ring John F. Kennedy used to propose to Jacqueline Bouvier prior to their marriage, composed of an exclusive diamond and emeralds – a model which is still replicated to this day. Bypass rings are a special kind of engagement and wedding rings. Their symbolic meaning stems from the seemingly overlap between the two ends of the ring, united by a diamond or gemstone in the middle.


The symbolism surrounding a bypass engagement rings is the idea that two separate parts nonetheless come together to meet in the middle, in a metaphorical encounter that is supposed to represent the meeting of two souls that have chosen to come together as one to spend the rest of their lives next to one another, side by side.


Yet, the overlap between the two ends of the bypass ring so that they don’t come to reach a full circle still represents the fact that two people as a couple elect a partner to spend their lives with but still maintain their own individuality as essential.


This is one of the reasons why the bypass design is such a special kind of engagement ring. The union between two souls is supposed to be exclusive, and hence, an idea which is perfectly represented by that kind of ring. It is the perfect token of a healthy love relationship, where the lovers continue to be powerful and independent people who vowed to walk in this world together to conquer it.


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