3 Stone - Engagement Rings


Gorgeous Three-Stone Engagement Ring Selection In Corpus Christi, TX.

Most of us wait for an engagement proposal as one of the most anticipated days of our lives. And the magic begins even before the “yes” moment—when we start thinking about the type of engagement ring which perfectly represents everything the person we love means to us.


Make the engagement proposal perfect with a ring style designed in a way to represent your past, present, and future love for one another.


Three-stone engagement rings are certain to fill your partner with joy. The style has been conquering hearts everywhere, and we’re sure it’s the ring design to make her sigh every time she looks at it—even many years from now.


As its name indicates, three-stone engagement rings feature three stones— two smaller flanking a larger centerpiece, which only contributes to this ring’s dazzling effect.


Another bonus of three-stone engagement rings is that you can make them even more unique by selecting different stone shapes to sit beside the star of the show—the center diamond.


If your partner has more than one favorite diamond shape, this is the perfect opportunity to give them the best of both worlds with a mix of diamond cuts.


Imagine the look on your partner’s face when she sees a ring that embodies the idea of commitment and love, in which each stone represents the many stages of your connection.


This style oozes radiance from all sides with three fabulous stones. If you’ve envisioned a swoon-worthy engagement ring, the three-stone is an option that won’t disappoint.


Choosing the correct ring is something we’ve spoken about before, but the popularity of this classic style is still rising in 2021. The three-stone showcases lots of radiance with stones that reflect off one another.


When it comes to engagement rings, there’s no “one style fits all.” Every woman is different and will benefit from a different ring style. But all in all, if your loved one’s style is among the many characteristics listed here, we’re sure you’re on the right path in choosing a three-stone ring.


The key is to think about her clothing, likes and dislikes, everyday dress style, and the metal shade she wears predominantly. You’ll find three-stone engagement rings in all-metal shades at Afram’s Jewelers.


We work with the freshest styles available, and you can expect diamonds of the best quality to make the engagement ring you choose even more beautiful.


Afram’s Jewelers is your jewelry store in Corpus Christi, TX. You can always come to us for jewelry to match your sweetheart’s beautiful engagement ring.


We can guide you for many years with trendy and reliable jewelry pieces as precious as every anniversary you return to celebrate with us.


Let us be a part of your love story. You won’t find a more committed staff. Visit us to explore all three-stone engagement ring options available to make your proposal the most special yet.

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