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There are currently many metals when it comes to choosing the perfect jewelry. But of all of them, nothing compares to gold. Gold has been around mankind for centuries as the most precious metal to be worn and used in a variety of ways.


It has always been associated with luxury and wealth and it’s been one of the most lusted goods on Earth. It’s been flaunted by royal families, kings and queens, princes and princesses, acquiring the absolute exquisite meaning it has today.


Gold is so exclusive that even in recent decades, it has been used as an international exchange to govern financial relations among states, before it was agreed that the dollar would perform the same role.


For all of these reasons, you can never go wrong with gold. Be it for your own use, or to purchase it as a gift to a loved one, gold will always be the safest, most durable and glamorous choice.


Of all the pieces of gold that one can wear, the most noticeable for the one who wears it is in the form of a bracelet. Why? Because bracelets, in addition to rings, are the one piece of jewelry that can be noticed without one having to look in the mirror.


Whoever wears a bracelet, is constantly seeing it on his/her own wrists throughout the day. It’s like choosing to wear a tattoo, only that it offers the versatility of being swapped for a different style on different occasions.


Yet, gold bracelets are simply timeless and can fit into someone's character so that the person doesn't have to ever take it off if s/he doesn't want to, since quality gold also comes with the added benefit of being enduring.


If one were to choose where to get tattooed and did so in a place where s/he can’t always see it, such as in the back, the person may even miss admiring that piece of art. The same goes for a necklace or for earrings. You may feel it but you won't be able to see it.


But to wear a bracelet is like having a tattoo in a constantly visible place in your body. That way, you’ll always enjoy wearing it and will continue to feel special and exclusive until you decide to take it off.


Generally, white gold looks better on fairer skin tones, while yellow and rose gold will best suit more warmer tones. But for those with neutral skin tones, it is safe to go for designs that feature both types of gold in a perfect combination.


Afram's is aware of all the benefits that gold can bring to someone’s happiness and self-esteem, so we're especially committed to offering our customers with the very best when it comes to exclusive bracelet designs.


In order to discover many gold bracelet designs you never knew existed, feel free to browse our website. We have a whole special section dedicated to quality gold to inspire you.


Alternatively, you can always come visit our store in person at 1701 Airline Road, Corpus Christi, TX to speak to an expert free of charge and try different designs on and see which one best suits your needs and style.


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