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Gabriel Co. jewelry collection in Corpus Christi, TX

If you’re looking for a one of a kind engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place. At Afram’s Jewelers, nothing makes us happier than a love so strong that it lasts an eternity. Now that you and your partner are about to begin the wonderful journey of life as a married couple, you’ll need an engagement ring to commemorate this unique moment. At Afram’s Jewelers, we have a wonderful amount of engagement rings with just as much passion and fire as the two of you share. We are honored that you’ve chosen us to be a part of your engagement, and we have just the designer in mind to make her feel super special.

From New York City, brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel have led the talented team behind Gabriel & Co. into a globally recognized sensation that we are humbled to carry. For 30 years, the dynamic duo has built a repertoire of approachable designs in a variety of styles. With styles ranging from delicately classic to adventurous contemporary settings to regal pieces that ooze vintage charm, Gabriel & Co. is one of the world’s most premier bridal jewelry manufacturers that is a perfect choice for any bride and for any taste.

For a depiction of the true innovation behind the brand, Gabriel & Co.’s selection of halo engagement rings take a style so simple and turns it in multiple directions to create a various amount of stunning pieces. In their traditional halo rings, the designers use different shape diamonds on 14k white, yellow and rose gold to create a ring perfect for a bride with a taste for the classics. Their true ingenuity, however, lays in their more avant grade interpretations of this famous style. In their Starlight collection, different size and different shaped diamonds make up the halo that, encircling a round cut center stone, creates an innovative north star shape that’s filled with shimmer. A similar sense of imagination can be seen in their Art Deco inspired collection that features filigree beading and emerald diamonds to create another unique shape full of texture.

In their elegant three stone engagement rings, Gabriel & Co. utilize pear cut sapphire as accent side stones to pair with their assortment of different cut center stone diamonds. Ranging from pear to emerald to cushion cut, the brilliance of the center stones are beautifully highlighted by the contrast the deep blue nature of the sapphire provides. If you’re searching for a more cohesive look, Gabriel & Co. also has these three stone engagement rings available with diamond side stones.

Equally as beautiful and graceful, split shank engagement rings are another example of the true genius in the designs of Gabriel & Co. A more contemporary style, they come in styles that range from tapered infinity loops to a multitude of shanks that separate and have a diamond floating elegantly in the middle. With this setting creating a lovely frame for the center stone, each piece is more jaw dropping than the rest. Clearly where Gabriel & Co. go and have fun with their designs, the split shank style is perfect for a bride wanting a statement piece.

At Afram’s Jewelers, we are passionate about providing you with the highest of quality at an experience you won’t forget. As Corpus Christi’s finest jewelry store, our dazzling showroom features a collection of engagement rings that we’ve curated just for you. And with friendly and knowledgable staff eager to help, we’re here to help build an unforgettable moment for her.

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