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Charm bracelets have been the subject of several waves of trends. Now, charms can be a fun way to boost your self-confidence and make you feel better with your odds of success.

Wearing charms can have lasting effects, just by putting you in a more confident and happy state of mind.

At Afram’s, we have a collection of more than 600 different charms! If you are in Corpus Christi, Texas, find your happiness with us!

Wearing charms may have started as a form of amulet or talisman to ward off bad luck and medieval knights wore charms for protection in battle and, during the Dark Ages, they indicated the origin of a family, or religious and political beliefs.

Chamilia’s line of charms incorporates these beliefs in new reinterpretations, making true ornaments—beautiful and intricate jewels that impact with complexity and creativity—designed to be comfortably worn on a bracelet.

Chamilia is world-famous for its endless charms. It was one of the first jewelry brands to bring the concept to the general public. Their best-selling piece of jewelry in this category is the customizable charm bracelet.

A jewel in silver or gold, charms can be added, rearranged, or removed at any time, depending on the wearer and the moment. They are versatile and can be worn in a chain as a pendant too.

A lucky charm should be chosen because you feel connected, and it makes you feel good. Charms are jewels that you will wear daily and which will be part of your identity.

Afram’s features refined charms with colorful stones and Swarovski crystals. Lines with Disney inspired charms are causing a frenzy. Our silver charms compose intricate arrangements. And, if you wish for delicate and intriguing options, the white gold charms will not disappoint.

How magical a small shoe covered in blue Swarovski crystals can be? You will not know which one to pick among ladybugs, cute bears and sheep, a cupid with a bow, butterflies and flowers, horses and elephants, or hearts and crowns. People will not stop staring!

Charm bracelets are a creative way to express your personality. Because each charm means something personal to you, it makes these jewels more than special.

Queens of the past loved to wear charms in their bracelets and indeed they felt incredibly fashionable among the European noble classes, assisting charms in becoming incredibly popular. In fact, a queenly boon was to gift charm bracelets.

Do you have someone dear in your heart? A friend who is by your side in all the important moments of your life? Imagine how much impact a piece of jewelry like a silver charm will have on your friendship or relationship.

With such a gift, you can bring joy to the lives of your loved ones. A charm will have a far lasting impression in the heart of the person to whom you give it because they will see it quite often.

Afram’s only showcases quality brands and guarantees beauty at affordable costs with jewelry for any occasion. Don’t look anymore, Afram’s is the place to purchase charms in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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