chamilia Watches

Inspired by every woman’s unique life story, Chamilia celebrates all that is close to your heart. With over 600 exclusively designed charms to choose from, you’ll find endless ways to customize your look.

Chamilia’s artisans handcraft these pieces, which can last for many decades. They’re stunning to behold, and their gleaming never fails to catch people’s attention. If you’d like to admire our line of Chamilia jewelry or learn more in our store.

Buying Chamilia jewelry in Corpus Christi Tx

Our jewelry store, which Gina and Joseph Afram established in 1978, is known throughout southern Texas for outstanding products and attentive service. In addition, Mark and Malak, the Aframs’ sons, are part of our team, and they’re dedicated to extending our legacy of value and high quality.

At Afram’s, we care about all of our customers. As a family-run jewelry store, we’re delighted that so many families depend on us. Indeed, we employ expert jewelers who are always happy to answer questions and offer advice. What’s more, if you have any jewelry that needs to be repaired, you can trust our meticulous restoration services. We can also give your old jewelry a new look or help you to design your own piece.

The items that we carry are top-notch, and our customers are proud to wear them. Take, for example, our Chamilia jewelry. It’s exquisite. Chamilia is a company that debuted in 2002, and the Austrian luxury brand Swarovski acquired it in 2013. It’s one of the world’s finest producers of women’s jewelry, and it specializes in charms. Chamilia is renowned for using first-rate metals in all of its products. In fact, many of them boast 14-karat gold, and some feature Swarovski crystals.

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