3 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

elephant charm


Mother’s day is a chance for your mom to get the recognition that she deserves. She did her part raising her children and taking care of her family, so this is the chance for her to be spoiled. Plants and clothes are nice, but jewelry is a forever gift that can grow with the family. So head to the jewelry store because the three pieces listed below are perfect for a day designed just for mom.


These bracelets are gorgeous, practical, and the designer offers over six-hundred exclusive charms to add each year. These charms create the opportunity to design a bracelet that perfectly describes your mom’s personality. To get the bracelet started, perhaps the beautiful silver butterfly adorned with purple gems is great to symbolize the beautiful spring holiday. If your mother has grandchildren, the silver heart engraved with “nana” is a great gift from the kids or even for your own grandmother.


Rings are not only for engagements and can create a smile on any occasion. Rings by Gabriel & Co. especially make for great mother’s day gifts. Their 14 K white gold diamond halo ring offers two strands of diamonds that wrap around a center stone. This is symbolic of the way that your mom has you wrapped around her finger. The designer has countless other rings as well.


Giving a necklace as a gift is a timeless act, but only a certain jewelry store takes the timeless act to new heights. Afram’s Jewelers has pieces with countless types of stones. Diamonds and birthstones allow for your creativity to run wild while creating a piece for your mother. You and your siblings’ birthstones on a silver or gold chain can make a personalized piece that your mother will love. Saving space for the current or future grandchildren is a must, though!

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